What are the symptoms of Down syndrome?

The symptoms of Down’s syndrome differ from one person to another.  They also affect the person at different stages of their life. Some of these symptoms are listed below:

  • A deep trench between the first and second toes.
  • A single, thick, crease across the palm.
  • Decreased or poor muscle tone.
  • Flat facial profile and nose.
  • Little neck, with overflow skin at its back.
  • Small head, ears, and mouth.
  • Eyes are leaning upward, often with a skin fold that extends out from the upper eyelid and reaches the inner corner of the eye.
  • White spots on the iris (called Brush field spots)
  • Wide, short hands with short fingers.

These were some of the physical symptoms of Down’s syndrome. However, a few cognitive problems are associated with it as well. They are rarely severe by nature and usually range from mild to moderate. Some of them are:

  • Limited attention span.
  • Bad judgment.
  • Unpredictable behavior.
  • Impaired learning abilities.
  • Slowed language and speech development.

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