Down syndrome Treatment & Management

Right now, there is no cure for Down’s syndrome. However, early detection can allow many individuals with Down syndrome to live fruitful lives from childhood to adulthood.

Overall, many Down’s syndrome management styles and methods have been developed to help people with the condition thrive. Among them:

Speech therapy.
Occupational therapy.
Exercises to help improve their motor skills.
Special education programs.

Some medical issues stemming from the condition can be treated and corrected. Among them:

Hearing problems.
Thyroid problems.
Seizure disorders.

Some evidence suggests that medical treatments like amino acid supplements can help manage the condition. Furthermore, a drug known as Piracetam has shown some promise as well. However, little clinical studies were conducted on the safety and efficacy of Piracetam.

Preventive measures are also approved for pregnant women who are expecting to have a baby with Down’s syndrome. Things like early intervention, schooling, and community placement are to be prepared before birth.

As noted above, there is no final treatment for the condition, in spite of the continued work. However, the drastic improvements in medical care described above have significantly improved the quality of life for patients and expanded their life expectancy.

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